You can order from the web site Jetfi/Whatsapp/Line by filling out the details of the country of destination, dates of travel and shipping method and your returns.

Please order from our website 5 days before departure abroad. Or you can contact our customer service center (Line/Whatsapp).

When you make a reservation less than 5 days prior to departure, can directly contact our customer service center.

Calculation of the cost of the rental is calculated from your schedule to arrive in the country of destination and schedule You are leaving the country.
-A travel to Japan from January 1-7 date, it will be charged the rental for 7 days
-B travel to Europe from September 1-7 January, arrived in Europe hours ...

Yes, the deposit amounting to Rp. 500,000 per leased modem. The deposit will be returned after 1 H + modem we received in good condition, and is reduced by the cost of inter-bank transfers amounting to Rp 6,500,-if the account returns are not a BCA.

Customers cannot change its own orders, please contact our customer service number to change Your order information.

After booking, you will receive a letter of notification of the order by e-mail. If you don't receive it, you can contact our customer service center to confirm your order.

There are 2 ways that you can choose to rent a portable wifi router and restore our:
-Can take and return directly to our place or at the airport when you want to take your own, please modem taken H-1 before departure, and restored H + 1 once you return to Indonesia
-Or use the delivery service, GoJek, TIKI JNE or Grab. When you need a delivery service, please inform us and you will receive the modem H-1 before departure, and restored H + 1 once you return to Indonesia

For shipping outside of Jakarta, can use the service YES/TIKI JNE ounces and H-3 will be delivered before departure. Shipping and Returns the modem to use a courier service GO-SEND or YES or TIKI JNE OUNCES borne by the customer.

Mandatory modem returned at least H + 1 after arriving in Indonesia. A fine delay refunds amounting to Rp 150,000 per day per modem.

Damage or loss that occurs over the modem and equipment became the responsibility of the customer. Please report it to the police in your country missing and report to us as proof of loss when you return to Jakarta.

Following the magnitude of cost reimbursement for the damage or loss:
- Modem = Rp 2.500.000,- / modem
- Kabel = Rp 100.000,-
- Adapter = Rp 150.000,-
- Kabel + Adapter = Rp 250.000,-
- Pouch = Rp 300.000,-

To cancel an order for mandatory informed H-3 before departure, then the payment will be done on the refund and minus the service charge amounting to Rp 100,000,-.

Jetfi data quota is UNLIMITED with best performance 4G per day of 500 MB, the rest will decrease the speed to 128 Kbps. Especially for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Best Quality 4G UNLIMITED quota.

JETFI can be used starting from country of origin, transit, even to destination country. There are no additional charges for use in transit when less than 3 hours of use.

1. Disable Mobile Data and Auto Update first to avoid roaming
2. Turn on WiFi modem
3. Enable WiFi function on the device you want to connect
4. Locate and select the SSID network and enter the password into your device
5. Connect with the internet

You can not stream videos or use large amounts of data in a short amount of time. All telecommunications companies that offer unlimited internet access still require you to follow this policy.

Email : about 100.000 email
Whatsapp : about 100.000 pesan
Peta : about 2000 kali pemakaian
Youtube : about 30 menit
Browsing : about 1.600 kali

JETFI services depend on the local operator network, 4G network prioritized. When the 4G signal is weak, the signal will be transferred to 3G.

Usually 1-2 minutes. It may take up to 5 minutes to start for the first time in a country.

5 devices.

Charging can be used after the cable is plugged into a USB port.

6 hours.

About 15 hours after being fully charged.

Modem Bags, Chargers, Cables and Handbook.


The quota will be reset again at 00.00 GMT + 8. Any transfer of the State, the quota will be reset when the reset, return to the same State on the same day, then reconnect with the use of quotas in advance. We recommend turning off the modem at the time of charging the battery and use the hotel's wifi when you return to the hotel.
-If the speed of the internet is unstable or weak signal or service not connected, ways I can move to another place and restart the modem or can contact us. Please photo the screen the modem and send photos to us

For the new complaints submitted after returning to Indonesia then there will be further proceedings.
Operational Time : 08.00 – 21.00
WA: +62 818 0891 8818
IG / LINE: @jetfi.indonesia (pakai “@”)
Website :